About us
A Temptation of Faeries creates hand made fairy wings and accessories. All of our wings are carefully hand grown by a fairy artisans from Ollure. Our wings are made so no two are exactly alike. They are durable, bendable, and do not run like the panty hose wings. They can be worn at festivals, parties, shows, proms, raves, and for holidays. We can also grow custom wings per a client's wishes.
Online here, just click the ATOF section in the Ollure shop.
Stores Stoney's Princess and Fairy shop.
Festivals We can be found at southerns fairy festivals. Find us at Faerie Escape Atlanta, Midsummer Night's Eve, and the Wee Folk Fest. We also travel to Renaissance festivals and Conventions in the southeast. Including the Tennessee, Alabama, and Con Nooga.
May weekends Tennessee Renaissance Festival.
Sept 19-20 2015 Geek Gathering, Sheffield, Alabama
Oct. 24-25 2015 AL Renaissance Faire

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